Stone Knob Elegance – How to Transform Knobs into Chic Wall Hooks

Stone Knob Elegance – How to Transform Knobs into Chic Wall Hooks

Ever looked at a stone knob and thought it could be something more? Everyone loves a good two-in-one, and now you can do just that with our range of stone knobs.

At Hardware Concepts, we’re not just about providing the pieces – we’re about sparking creativity. We love being able to provide design solutions that not only look the part, but that are also highly functional.

In a delightful twist of design, we’re showcasing how our beautiful stone knobs can easily transition from your cabinets to your walls, becoming stylish and functional wall hooks.

Now you have a practical way to hang various items around the house without being an eyesore. You can even find the perfect shade to complement other colours around your home.


How to Turn a Knob into a Wall Hook

The journey from knob to hook is a lot easier than you may think. All you have to do is replace the screw with a hanger screw fitting, and voilà! It really is as simple as that.

But this isn’t just about adding a hook – you’re also infusing a whole new style, design, and personality into your space.

Beyond the visual appeal, these knobs-turned-hooks are a testament to practicality. They’re sturdy, and the stone material ensures longevity and resistance to wear.


A Natural, Modern Touch

Bubble Travertine in Red and Beige bring the essence of the outdoors inside in a contemporary way. They embody the raw, untamed beauty of natural stone, with each piece carrying a unique pattern that is different in every knob.

Bubble Calacatta in Violet Marble and Black are for those that lean more towards the contemporary, where they offer a sleek look that complements other modern finishings in your home. These pieces can transform a plain wall into a contemporary display that serves both form and function.


How to Incorporate Stone Knobs as Wall Hooks

Imagine walking into a room where all the wall hooks are more than a place to hang things – they’re a statement of your style! Here’s how to make that into a reality:

  • Entrance – Greet your guests with a row of knobs by the door. Hang your favourite hat, the dog leash, or anything else you want to quickly hand off at the entrance, creating both convenience and a conversation starter.
  • Jewellery Display – Use these knobs in your bedroom as an elegant way to hang some necklaces and bracelets.
  • Kitchen – Spice up the kitchen with some knobs that serve as a spot to hang kitchen towels, aprons, or oven mitts, adding an artsy touch to your culinary space.
  • Bathroom – Whether it’s to hang items in the shower, towels behind the door, or just to keep other pieces neat and tidy but at easy reach, knobs in your bathroom always come in handy.


Let Your Home’s Hardware Do the Talking

Incorporating our stone knobs as hooks is not just a decorative choice, but a reflection of ingenuity in your home design. They’re perfect for renters looking for non-permanent ways to add flair or for homeowners seeking a unique touch without major renovations.

We’re excited to see how you reinvent your space with our stone knobs! It’s time to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and let your walls speak your language with a story to tell.

Find the perfect knobs-turned hooks for your home by clicking here.

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