What’s Trending for DIY Home Renovators and Interior Designs

The Timeless Appeal of Arch Doors: What's Trending for DIY Home Renovators and Interior Designs

Arch doors are easily one of the biggest interior design trends of the last decade, swiftly moving from outdated to all the rage amongst interior designers and DIY renovation buffs alike. Luckily, this time around, it looks like arched interior doors are here to stay

This curved design has such a timeless look, and when paired with modern elements in the home, the arch shape smoothly makes its way onto the top-trending list year after year. The enduring popularity of the arch isn’t going anywhere.

A door archway can work for every type of interior, from contemporary to traditional – all you need to do is figure out where it will work best in the space. From the front entrance to the kitchen, the opportunities are endless for your next interior design project.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about this curvy trend and how to incorporate it into your next renovation to instantly elevate a space.

The Allure of Arched Interior Doors

There’s such a charm about the classic round shape of an arch, in a way that feels comforting but makes a commanding statement at the same time. It will bring a unique touch to the home that makes it memorable, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

Types of Arch Doors

Despite what some may think, indoor arches are quite a versatile design choice no matter the home’s interior style. It brings immense architectural interest to any space with its distinctive, yet soft shape. When paired with other curved lines, an arch brings a sense of cohesion to the home, creating balance and flow.

There are many types of doors with arches, but the most popular ones are:

  • Round arch
  • Gothic or Cathedral arch
  • Flat arch

  • A round arch and flat arch are both more common for contemporary interiors, but it is possible to update the Gothic arch when built with the right materials and when accompanied by modern accents.

    How to Choose the Right Arch Style & Material

    With several options to choose from, let’s break things down and help you find the right one that will suit the space.

    • If it’s an arched front door, consider whether you want a double or single arch. A double style makes a more prominent statement as it is larger, so keep this in mind and decide whether it will complement the space.

    • There are countless design ideas when it comes to material and color. One of the most unique is a doorway lined with wood, which gives it a beautiful, framed look. It will instantly draw the eye and guides the gaze to the next space, creating a sense of flow.

    • A glass door is more than possible with an arched shape. It creates even more visual interest than an opaque door, as it brings more attention to the curve. A glass design is perfect if you want a highly contemporary look. It filters light and gives the space an open-plan feel while keeping the layout closed.

    • You can put a curved door or entryway in pretty much any space in a home, from the en suite to the pantry. Just remember this one key point: avoid mixing doorway shapes in the same room. For instance, if you’re putting a curved entryway into the dining room and it also has an exit, make sure the exit is arched as well. This prevents the space from feeling disconnected.

    Making an Entrance with Arched Front Doors

    An arched front door makes the ultimate entrance to a home. It makes an immediate impact and gives the entry a warm, welcoming, and stylish feel

    Although it is such a popular trend, you probably won’t find a lot of arches on the front doors of homes when you walk down your street, probably because people just haven’t taken that leap yet. 

    This can be used to your advantage, though, as a curved front door's inherent uniqueness instantly boosts a home's curb appeal and overall value

    The size, design, and material you choose for a curved front door depending on your preferences. Refer to our tips above to determine the space's best arch design and material.

    Some of the Best Front Arch Door Ideas

    When we said the opportunities are endless when it comes to arches, we weren’t kidding. Check out some of the most unique and contemporary takes on the curved trend.

    1. This gorgeous entryway as seen on DNA of Design featured our Double Arch Front Doors with fluted glass. It blends with the soft and calm interior design of the rest of the home, giving you a glimpse of what to expect as you step in further.


    Double Arch Front Doors


    2. A beautiful example of a flat arch in the front entryway. It’s soft and subtle, but the slight curved line gives a charming touch.


    flat arch


    3. This door feels a little more traditional, but the glass design and doorknob hardware upgrade the look and make a stunning, light-filled statement as you enter.


    glass design


    4. This breathtaking front entrance wouldn’t be the same without this glass arch design. It feels elegant and modern, bringing plenty of natural light into the home. It’s even complemented by curved lines in the light fixture – a nice touch.

    glass arch design 

    Adding Character with Arched Pantry Doors

    If you’re looking to refresh a kitchen space, an arched pantry door is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to do it. 

    A curved pantry door not only plays a functional role in protecting the dry good, but it also makes a decorative statement that instantly elevates the kitchen design. It gives the space a warm, comforting, and inviting feel, all while letting you maximise storage space. You’re creating a sense of character in the kitchen, which essentially defines the space and gives it a one-of-a-kind feel.

    Choosing the Perfect Pantry Door

    The arched design of a pantry door can vary depending on the kitchen’s style. Here are our top tips for some popular interior styles.

    Contemporary Style Kitchens

    • Select sleek, minimalist arches with clean lines and smooth finishes.
    • Opt for a glossy or solid matte colour that contrasts the kitchen’s overall palette.
    • Combine the door with minimalist hardware like brushed brass for a streamlined appearance. 

    Traditional Style Kitchens

    • Opt for solid wood arched doors with raised panels and ornate details.
    • A stain in rich, warm tones such as mahogany will lend to the classic look.
    • Complementary stone cabinetry hardware will tie the look together.

    Mediterranean Style Kitchens

    • Choose an arch with wrought iron detailing.
    • A distressed or aged finish on the door works perfectly with this style.
    • Add hinges with a brass finish for an authentic Mediterranean feel.

    Coastal Style Kitchens

    • Consider a glass panel pantry door with an arch to enhance the coastal feel – frosted or fluted glass work especially well.
    • Go for a weathered wood for the door to give it a rustic, beachy look.
    • White-toned handles or knobs for the cabinetry hardware will complement other white shades often present in coastal interiors. 

    Creating Architectural Appeal with Door Archways

    There’s no doubt that arched interior doors hold strong architectural appeal as a distinct design feature. When compared to a regular rectangular door, the rounded shape stands out. Think the rise of Art Deco in the 1920s – curved lines were used to express a desire for the modern, and while they may have done it a little differently in those days, curves are today considered a perfect example of 21st-century contemporary design.

    If your next renovation or DIY project is to bring more visual interest to your space, then an arch in your door is the perfect way to go. It’s not difficult to install and it’s versatile for any room. 

    Where to Put Arches in a Home

    En Suite

    Connecting two rooms is something that arch entrances do best, which is why it makes perfect sense to install one as the entrance to an en suite from the bedroom. When left open, the doorway creates a wonderful flow and movement.

    en suite



    Once again, this creates a beautiful sense of movement from one room to the next, guiding you along with its inviting shape.




    Living Room & Dining Room

    If you want an open-plan design but don’t want it to feel too open, then place an arch to connect the adjacent spaces. You could even add two arches for a balanced, symmetrical look and sophisticated touch.


    Living Room & Dining Room



    An arch in the kitchen is an excellent way to break up the industrial feel that appliances can have, providing some softness and cosiness.


    Kitchen - softness and cosiness


    Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to think about structural considerations when installing a door archway.  The size and shape of the curve can affect its stability, and the materials used will also play a role in its structural implications. In modern construction of these types of doors, they’re often made using steel lintels or reinforced concrete to provide the necessary support. Arches are actually inherently self-supporting, which means they distribute weight evenly from the header to the door frame. If ever in doubt, contact a professional to find out the best way to install your door.


    Arches in doorways are a design element that have stood the test of time. Their enduring popularity can be attributed to their versatility and timeless architectural appeal, no matter if they’re used in traditional, modern, or eclectic settings, and beyond.

    From grand entryways to striking front doors, arches can transform the entire ambience of a space and create a lasting impression. Their ability to seamlessly blend with various design contexts makes them a go-to choice for DIY home renovators and interior designers everywhere.

    Explore our range of contemporary arch door designs and hardware and start transforming spaces today.

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