Threshold Trends: Front Door Inspiration for 2024

Threshold Trends: Front Door Inspiration for 2024

These days, your front door continues to play a pivotal role in defining your home's character and welcoming charm. It's more than just a point of entry – it's a statement piece that reflects the latest design trends and personal tastes.

But is there really so much you can do with a door? What if you want to change things up, but you’re not sure where to start?

That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 trends to give you endless front door ideas that not only revamp your entrance, but also reflect your personal style. Whether you're considering a new front door or looking to refresh your existing one, these trends offer exciting inspirations to make your entrance stand out.

From sophisticated double front doors to elegant front doors with glass, let's unlock the top threshold trends for 2024, guiding you to choose a door that not only enhances your home's curb appeal but also resonates with the latest in interior design.

Trend 1: Natural Materials and Textures

It’s no secret that the humble front door is redefining first impressions by embracing the intrinsic beauty of natural materials and textures. This movement back to basics heralds a return to authenticity and environmental consciousness, showcasing materials that speak of durability, timelessness, and connection to the earth.


Wooden Wonders

There's something inherently welcoming about a wooden front door. Its warm tones and unique natural grains convey a sense of comfort and tradition that is simply unmatched.

Wood, being versatile, allows for a variety of front door designs, from sleek and modern to ornately carved traditional styles.

This adaptability makes wood a perennial favourite for those looking to infuse their home's entrance with warmth and character. Plus, advancements in protective finishes ensure that wooden doors can stand the test of time, resisting weathering and retaining their beauty for years.


Stone Accents

For those seeking to make a bolder statement, stone elements in doors offer a distinctive edge. Stone, with its cool, tactile presence, can anchor a design scheme, lending weight and permanence to the entrance of your home.

Whether it's through the use of stone tiles, surrounds, or stone hardware, these elements introduce a textural contrast that is visually striking and unmistakably elegant.


So, when it comes to the natural trend:

  • Embrace materials like wood and stone for their timeless beauty and sustainable appeal.
  • The use of natural grains and textures invites a sense of warmth, making the front door a focal point of welcome.
  • Incorporating stone and wood allows for unique designs that truly set your home apart.
  • A focus on natural materials reflects a growing trend towards ecological consciousness in home design.


Trend 2: Bold and Beautiful Colours

There really is no “right or wrong” when it comes to colours for your entryway, but if you’re a lover of big and bold, then this trend was made for you. That’s right – bold colours are IN. And they’re here to stay. This year, we're moving beyond the safety of neutral hues to welcome a spectrum of bold and beautiful colours that breathe life into home exteriors.

This approach to door design is a declaration of individuality and style, making the entrance to your home a canvas for personal expression.


Pastel Perfection

On the more subdued end of the spectrum, pastel tones are making a significant impact, providing a softer yet equally stylish approach to door colours. Pastels offer a fresh, inviting look that seamlessly blends with both modern and traditional architectural styles.

Whether it's a gentle lavender, a muted mint, or a soft peach, these hues can lighten up the entrance to your home, giving it a cheerful, contemporary feel that's both welcoming and on-trend.


Yes, Black is a Colour

Sure, black isn’t a vibrant colour, but it’s still a hue that’s going to stand out amongst the soft, neutral shades of many doors. Choosing a black door is less about following a trend and more about making a timeless statement.

The beauty of a black door lies in its versatility – it can complement any style, from the ultra-modern to the traditional, and everything in between. This colour choice can anchor your home's design, acting as a focal point that draws the eye and adds a defining pop of contrast against lighter-coloured walls or a harmonious complement to darker tones.


So, when you’re considering bold shades:

  • Embrace vibrant colours for front doors to reflect personal style and add curb appeal.
  • Use dark shades to add a focal point to your home's exterior.
  • Opt for pastel tones for a fresh, inviting entrance that suits various architectural styles.
  • Consider the impact of these colour trends on a double front door setup, where the expansive canvas can truly showcase these bold or soft hues, making an even more striking statement.


Trend 3: Double the Impact

A double front door always means double the gorgeousness. Going double for your front door designs is not merely a nod to opulence but a thoughtful consideration towards creating an inviting and accessible space for both residents and guests alike.


Symmetry and Style

The allure of double doors lies in their ability to create an immediate visual impact through symmetry and balance. This design choice speaks to a certain level of sophistication and thoughtfulness in home styling, presenting an entrance that is both welcoming and grand.

The harmonious appearance of double doors can complement various architectural styles, from modern minimalistic homes to more traditional or rustic abodes, proving that elegance and a welcoming spirit can indeed go hand-in-hand.


Enhanced Accessibility

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, double doors shine in terms of functionality. The wider entryway makes moving larger items a breeze – think furniture, appliances, or even grand holiday decorations – into and out of your home, making for a smoother and more efficient process.

This practical benefit ensures that the beauty of your home's entrance does not compromise its usability, which shows just how much design can indeed meet function in the most stylish way possible.


Don’t Skip the Glass

Incorporating elements like front doors with glass into the double door design can further enhance this trend by introducing natural light and creating a sense of openness and connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Glass elements allow for a peek into the home's interior or the beauty of its surroundings, adding a layer of depth and interest to the entrance's design.


When it comes to doubling up, this is a design trend that:

  • Combines aesthetic grandeur with practical benefits, making a strong statement right at the entrance.
  • Amplifies natural lighting and adds an elegant transparency to the entryway.
  • Adds practicality because a wider entryway eases the movement of large items, demonstrating that style can indeed be functional.


Trend 4: Letting the Light In

The choice of a new front door with glass features is quickly becoming a favourite among homeowners looking to brighten their entryways while keeping an eye on style and privacy.

This resurgence of glass elements in entryway design allows for a diverse range of aesthetics, from the minimalist appeal of full-glass doors to the intricate beauty of doors adorned with decorative glass panels.

Such designs not only enhance the visual appeal of your home's entrance but also invite a connection with the outdoors, blurring the lines between inside and outside spaces.


Full-Glass Doors

Opting for a door that's entirely comprised of glass is a bold design statement that pays off by flooding your entrance with natural light.

This option is ideal for homes where the goal is to create an open, inviting feel right from the threshold. The use of fluted, frosted, or tinted glass can address privacy concerns while still achieving that coveted, luminous vibe that makes your space feel more expansive and welcoming.


Decorative Glass Panels

For those seeking a balance between light infusion and artistic expression, incorporating doors with decorative glass panels offers a solution that doesn't compromise on privacy.

Whether it's etched, stained, or fluted glass designs, these elements can serve as both a source of natural light and a focal point of artistic craftsmanship. This approach allows for a more tailored look, letting you select patterns and designs that reflect your personal style and complement the architectural details of your home.


When you’re trying to let more light into your entrance, remember that:

  • Choosing a door with glass features can significantly impact the brightness and welcoming nature of your home's entrance.
  • Whether it's the sweeping statement of a full-glass door or the refined elegance of decorative glass panels, these designs offer both functionality and style, ensuring your entryway is both beautifully lit and visually appealing.


Your Dream Front Door is Waiting For You

As we embrace the newest trends of 2024, it's clear that the front door is evolving into a focal point of home design, merging style with substance.

With our guide of the top 4 trends, there’s no shortage of front door ideas to help you make a statement with your home's entrance.

Now it’s time to make your vision into a reality! Take a look at our range of premium, contemporary door designs that are designed to help you make a beautiful statement from the moment you set foot on the doorstep.

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