Mishelle Arched Double Front Door

  • $3,980.00
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Frame Jamb size

As seen on DNA of Design!

We've searched long and hard for arch doors and struggled find the perfect one. We instead designed our very own to make this accessible and affordable to everyone.

Included with the door: 



-Architraves front and back 

-Note Hardware, threshold/ sill not included.



The door is made of a solid wood core and waterproof ply outer, As of DECEMBER 2023 these doors will be made from solid oak double laminated  tempered glass, pre-primed in white ready for top coat, we recommend using an enamel paint For longevity.

-Door leaf sizes: 2040 *820 x2 & 2340mm*920mmx2 

2040 /1640 Door specs click here 

2340/1840 Door specs click here 

-Door thickness 40mm

-Frame 150mm x 45mm 

-Materials: Oak solid wood door and frames.

-Painted in White primer.

-Direction: Opens inwards.

-No key hole 

-Does not come pre-hung 

-No sill included or allowance made for a sill. (Can be added )

-Australian standard 8mm double Laminated Tempered glass AS 2047-2014

Entrance doors must be installed in weather protected openings to reduce the effects of weather exposure. The Hardware concepts warranty will not cover doors that are fully exposed to the weather.


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