Nuvou REC Arch Design Door

  • $1,202.20
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Introducing Nuvou rec 

You asked we listened!

Sister to our Solid Nuvou arch door now in a standard door shape & can be used in a cavity slider.

Make it a double door .... the options are endless !

These doors are not hung so you can 

This product is sold as a door only option.

Arch Architraves and  available as an add on to recreate an arched door.


Entry Grade 

Door leaf size

-2040 x 820 x 45 

-2340 x 920 x 45

Door Material -Solid wood +   waterproof PLY , solid core inside.

-8mm double laminated tempered glass 

-No frames or Architraves included with this door 

-Arch Architrave and frame set  available

-No Hardware included