Pixie Arched Double Front Door

  • $3,680.00
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Frame Size

Introducing our Pixie Double Arched Front Door, also great as a room deviding door - the epitome of contemporary design and enduring craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted from solid oak wood, the Pixie Double Arched Door is a statement piece. With easy installation and customisable options, it invites you to elevate your space, creating a haven with modern luxuries. 

Included with the door: 

  • Door
  • Frame/Jamb
  • Architraves both Front and Back 


Included with the door: 

  • Door
  • Frame/Jamb
  • Architraves both Front and Back 
  • Door is primed white, ready to paint & install

Door Materials: 

  • Door Material - SOLID OAK BLOCKWORK 
  • Frame Material - 100% Solid OAK Wood
  • Architraves - Waterproof PLY.
  • Window - 8mm Tempered Glass AS 2047-2014


  • Door Weight -90- 110 kg completed.
  • Door Thickness - 45mm
  • Frame - 150mm x 45mm 
  • Doors open inwards
  • Doors are not pre-hung, customise the opening to your preference
  • Door Leaf Size:  2040 x 1640 (820mm per panel ) & 2340 x 1840(920mm Per panel )


  • We recommend using an enamel paint for longevity. 
  • Install doors in weather-protected openings to reduce damage
  • Our warranty will not cover doors that are exposed to the weather by an awning or similar overhead protection.
  • As there is no keyhole for our Pixie Double Arched Front Door we recommend getting a locksmith to professionally install a lock system


PLEASE NOTE: No hardware is included with doors.