Discover the Latest Dulux Colour Trend: BALANCE

Discover the Latest Dulux Colour Trend: BALANCE

Feeling overwhelmed lately? Let BALANCE wash your worries away. In a post-pandemic world, it’s only normal that many of us want to find our happy place once again. With one of Dulux’s latest colour trends, Balance, you can do just that. Balance embraces a sense of structure, exudes tranquillity, and lets you find your peace in the sanctuary you call home.

To help you find your own sense of calm, we’re here to break down this latest trend, so you can bring it into your own home.

You’ll discover the best ways to bring Balance into your space using our range of lighting, hardware, and breeze blocks to make it your own. Whether you want to use every colour or a few simple accents, bringing any part of the Balance palette into your space will act as a gentle reminder to take a break, regain control, and let yourself be whisked away by the beauty and allure of the ocean and all it has to offer. 



Restored & Reassured

During the last few years, many of us felt like we lost control of our lives. So much uncertainty surrounded us, and it created quite an unsettling feeling in the air. Now, post-pandemic, it’s time to regain control and restore balance in your life – and that starts right at home.

With the soft and calming tones of Balance, you can create a comforting space that helps you feel restored and more reassured in life. It’s all about creating a greater sense of calm, and a lot of that comes from embracing rules and establishing your own structure. Think of it like letting ocean waves wash over you – their unexplored potential draws you in and helps you feel calm and composed.

Let yourself be inspired by the ocean and all its treasures with pieces that complement the deep and soft blue tones of the palette. A unique statement lighting fixture like our Ilona Alabaster Lamp is reminiscent of seashells and their organic, carved look, with a soft white tone to offset the deep hues. Our Oblo Breeze Block in White is another perfect piece to establish that sense of structure (quite literally) in your life with a refined design and delicate white colour.


An Understated Elegance 

If Balance could be summed up in one word, it would have to be sophistication. This palette and all that it encompasses brings together the soft timelessness of understated elegance. Nothing about this trend is overindulgent, risky, or excessive. Give yourself permission to embrace a refined look that keeps decorative elements to a minimum.

Consider bringing design elements into your home that exude a calming and ethereal energy, which is easiest with simple shapes and lines. While the aim here is to adopt a more refined approach, you can still incorporate luxe textures such as velvet, brushed brass, and marble into your space to add character and interest.

Lean towards sleek lines and shapes for an understated feel, which you’ll find in our Hexi Solid Brass Appliance Pull and Miss Dotty Solid Brass Knob with their minimalist rounded shapes and solid golden-toned brass design. You could also choose them in a black tone to really drive through that sense of comforting depth through balancing out lighter colours.


Less is More

Simplicity is a philosophy that brings eternal calm to a space, whether that’s simple furniture, décor, or colours like within the Balance colour story. This “less is more” approach offers a restrained look at design, giving your home a more immersive look and feel.

Minimal details are what’s going to transport your space into a serene sanctuary, but they don’t have to be boring. When paired with such a stripped-back palette, minimal design can still include interesting shapes and structures, like curves, geometric lines, waves, and sharp angles.

Find the beauty in structured shapes and patterns that appear complex, yet have a minimal feel to them. An excellent example of this is in nature, where things like seashells, coral, and ferns have structured, yet organic figures. Bring the same energy in your home with the Hemi Milky Terrazzo Handle, which brings structure with its distinct shape, yet has a pared back appearance with its delicate white and grey tones.


Create Your Calm with the Dulux Colour Trend: Balance

Keep it simple, embrace the understated, and find your calm with the Balance colour trend. Dulux brings together soft pastels with moody deep-sea hues, delicate greens, and dark teals, styled alongside rich burgundy and black accents to round out the look and create a truly balanced look and feel in your home.

No matter if you want to fully transform your home with these serene, calming shades, or simply want to incorporate a few moody hues, you now have the best insights to bring it all to life using our range of lighting, hardware, and breeze blocks.

Discover the Latest Dulux Colour Trend

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