Discover the Latest Dulux Colour Trend: REVIVE

Discover the Latest Dulux Colour Trend: REVIVE

Did you hear? Rules are out, REVIVE is in! One of the latest colour trends from Dulux is Revive, and it’s all about embracing personal expression and waving goodbye to restrictive rules and regulations. This explosion of fun colours and shapes is certainly a welcome departure from previous monotone colour trends, reminding you to let go, have fun, and style your home any way you please.

To help you incorporate this exciting trend into your own home, we’re here to help.

You can easily introduce elements of the Revive trend using pieces from our collections, including indoor lighting, door hardware, and even breeze blocks to make your outdoor area come to life.

The best part? You don’t have to go all-out to bring Revive into your home! Don’t be intimidated by all those bright colours – we’re going to help you balance out those vibrant hues with the perfect accessories to suit your space.

Express Yourself

2023 is the year to truly let go of any rules and simply express yourself. If you love bold colours or crazy prints, go for it. If you’ve been eyeing that funky chair but weren’t sure if it would “fit in” with the rest of your décor, just get it.

Express your personality through your home’s colours, textures, and patterns, and don’t be afraid mix and match items. By unleashing your creative side, you can feel even more secure and empowered in your home’s design, letting your unique style emerge through rejecting past limitations. 

One of our top picks for adding a unique touch to your home is with a statement-making light fixture, like our Leora Alabaster Wall Lamp. Amongst the thrilling collision of colours and shapes, balance things out with the soft, cloudy grey marble effect of Leora. This sconce still complements the fun patterns and tones with its distinct shape, yet brings a softness to the look with a refined design.

Explore the rest of our lighting collection and find the perfect fixture to embrace Revive by expressing your personality in your home.

The Power of Playfulness

After some tough times over the last few years, it’s time to look towards the power of being playful to help a lot of us restore our wellbeing and start healing. This is something that Revive does so wonderfully, letting you embrace the unexpected and play around with new and old design elements.

A key part of this trend is about merging contemporary styles with nostalgic design, no matter if it’s from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or beyond. Curved, checkered, geometric, graphic, striped, and wavy patterns are all the rage in 2023, bringing a fresh take on the nostalgic patterns of yesteryear. One of the easiest ways to bring a funky, new shape into your home is with curved hardware, like our Arc White Matte Solid Brass Pull Handle, perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.

You may be familiar with the breeze block trend back in the 50s and 60s, where breeze blocks were used to create outdoor screens. Well, this mid-century modern trend is back and here to stay, and you can easily incorporate it into your home to not only make a gorgeous statement, but also to provide sun protection while maintaining airflow. One of our favourites is the Breeze Block Flower in White with its fun floral design and modern construction.

Get a little playful with your space by exploring more from our hardware and breeze block range.

Make a Dramatic Statement

It’s always important to make a statement in your home, but with 2023’s Revive trend, there’s really no better time than now to go all the way and make a dramatic one. Think extravagant patterns and striking features, and remember that you aren’t held back by any boundaries.

Creating an immersive space is easy when you go loud and proud with your colours, shapes, and textures. It pulls people in and lets them immediately know what you’re about, bringing more life into a room. You create a sense of character and bring a freshness and warmth that makes your home more memorable and enjoyable to live in.

While Revive certainly preaches a no-rules approach, you can still make your space feel more grounded and balanced by matching vibrant hues with soft neutrals. And if you really don’t want to go for a basic beige shade, gold-toned hardware is the perfect in-between. Hardware like our Éclair Solid Brass Pull Handle and Hexi Polka Solid Brass Knob complement many brighter shades, bringing a warmth to your space and sophisticated edge that balances out funky colours and patterns. 

Go Wild with the Dulux Colour Trend: Revive

Bring all the uplifting energy into your home with one of the most playful Dulux colour trends, Revive. In this mood-boosting trend, soft blue and lilac shades complement sunflower yellow and forest green, while coral pink and deep purple tones create the perfect accent colours.

Whether you’d like to splash these bright and joyful colours in every corner of your home, or simply want to bring a touch of vibrant playfulness with a few colourful accents, you can now easily incorporate Revive into your space with our range of lighting, hardware, and breeze blocks.

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